Embrace Baltimore

Church Members Reaching Own People Groups

by Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

Valley Baptist Church is on a mission and each member is working to discover his or her personal mission field.

“Missions used to be about going on mission trips and only highly trained specialized people did long term missions. Now everyone is struggling to see themselves as a missionary and every believer is working to find his or her own people group,” Jeff Elkins, associate pastor of Valley Church said.

Elkins said church members are looking at their people groups as neighbors, members of their community associations, parents and friends at local schools and recreation leagues. Some members are working with the homeless community and others are ministering to prostitutes.


North Point Revival Turns Church Inside Out

by Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

North Point Church has leapt from plateaued to revival. Attendance doubled in two years. The church is moving out into the neighborhood and is now reflecting the North Point community.

The church called Pastor Mark Swan in February 2010. Swan began ministering to a wary congregation. They’d been without a pastor for six months. The mostly senior congregation was declining. They were in a rut. Like many churches, they wanted to advance God’s kingdom, but had lost their vision along the way and were inwardly focused, Swan said.


Gallery Minister Sees God's Beauty in Baltimore

by Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

Joshua Smith, minister of Intentional Living at Gallery Church, practices what he preaches. He lives in West Baltimore in an old refurbished drug house and his door is open - to prostitutes and drug addicts who stop in for water, to talk and pray, for a moment of refuge.

“These are the people who Jesus’ heart broke for—the tax collectors, the prostitutes, the heroine dealers.” They’re probably not going to go to a church, Smith said. “I wouldn’t either if I smelled bad and didn’t have any decent clothes to wear,” he said.


Catonsville Church Intentionally Serves Community

by Sharon Mager

When Catonsville Baptist Church made a commitment to serve their community, that community responded.

Last fall, Catonsville members served free food to over three hundred people who attended the church’s first classic car show.

“For our very first car show the community’s response was phenomenal,” Mark Klimovitz, Catonsville’s senior pastor said excitedly.

Spotlight on New Baltimore Pastors

by Sharon Mager, BBA Correspondant

God is blessing Baltimore with new pastors. Three of those highlighted here are “homegrown,” and one is from Texas. All of them are excited to be ministering in the area and have fresh Holy Spirit driven plans to engage their communities and share the Gospel of Jesus.