Embrace Baltimore

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Welcome to Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore is a historic city famous for its history and great people, and we love it! Francis Scott Key probably never envisioned that Baltimore someday would reflect the same melting pot character of the entire United States when he penned The Star Spangled Banner as the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor lit the sky.

We are embracing Baltimore and there is still much to be done here. The future for Baltimore is bright with the light of strengthened churches, new churches planted, and disciples made. The call continues to churches and Christians across North America to come to Baltimore—to Pray, Partner, and Participate where God has already moved and continues to move, and to help create new ministries to reach out to Baltimore with the life-changing love of Jesus.

The cooperative and effective SBC and evangelical community created will carry on the great work of Kingdom growth. We covet your continued support of the efforts of Southern Baptists to share the love of Christ with this great city. No matter who you are—cross the street and you’re in a new Samaria. No matter who you are—there is something you can do and something you can give to minister to Baltimore … the Samaria in our midst.